About the Blogger

Kat is a 20-something with three loves – writing, Kitkats, and beauty. The young beauty aficionado’s torrid love affair with skincare and makeup blossomed at a fairly young age. Being the youngest of three sisters, it was only natural that beauty piqued her interest while watching her older sisters do their makeup in the mirror before a night out. Soon after, she began learning techniques from YouTube and trying to learn the tricks herself.

With an affinity for writing, Kat did the only thing that seemed logical for a girl who loved beauty  – she started a blog. With a gentle push from a mentor and close friends, Beauties Beholder emerged in 2016 as a place for Kat to share her knowledge and share details about anything she found beautiful.

Beauties Beholder is more than just a beauty blog. It’s an outlet to share the beauty in life, whether that comes in the form of a smile, a book, or a tube of mascara.

If you have any concerns, questions or inquiries, please refer my contact page.

I’m so grateful to have the chance to share what I find beautiful in life. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you see the beauty in this life as well.

– Kat